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Learn about our blood tests that detect risk of colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer among the general population.
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RCDP is a rare pediatric genetic disorder that affects plasmalogen synthesis. Our plasmalogen replacement might be the key. Learn more.
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Our plasmalogen therapy might restore the lipid component of myelin lost during the progression of Multiple Sclerosis. Learn more.

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The treatment of Parkinson's disease with L-DOPA eventually leads to dyskinesias. Our data shows that plasmalogen replacement might help.

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Our mass spectrometry lab is ISO13485 certified and licensed by CPSS. Learn more.

At MED-LIFE DISCOVERIES, we believe in a future where disease is not just treated, but prevented. Unlike conventional screening tests that detect symptoms of a disease, our research and development focuses on what goes wrong in the body - before a disease develops.

Biochemical changes within the body occur long before the symptoms of diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's appear. This pre-symptomatic phase represents the perfect window to identify those with increased risk, and to therapeutically correct the biochemical imbalance.